Do you consider yourself a Mr. Fix-it? Well if you do, and you are looking to do an oil change in Fargo, ND, we have the steps to help you do it yourself.  Follow our easy guide to changing your own oil and become the handyman you want to be.

Of course, if you are unsure about your capabilities or are too nervous to change your own oil, Corwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Fargo offers a service department full of professionals who want to make your experience as easy and painless as possible.

Before we begin there are safety concerns to take into consideration. Let's go over those right now.

Oil Change Safety

  1. Oil can be extremely hot. If you have recently driven your car, let it cool down for a couple of hours. You don't want the hot oil getting on your skin because it can burn very badly.
  2. You may have to jack up your car. If you try to do this on a hill or uneven ground the car can roll off jacks, flip, or fall onto you when you are under it. So always make sure your vehicle is on level, solid ground to avoid risks like these.
  3. Safety equipment can prevent mishaps. Putting on gloves, long sleeves, goggles, pants, and other protective gear can help to prevent oil from getting on your skin, in your eyes, and etc.
  4. Oil spills may happen. To protect your garage floor or driveway, place something on top of it underneath the engine in case you spill.

Ok, so you know the safety basics. Now it is time to prepare for the oil change. Know what tools you will need.

Oil Change Tools

  1. Oil recycling container or oil catch to get rid of the old oil
  2. Ratchet or open end wrench to remove drain plug
  3. Oil filter wrench to remove old oil filter and attach new one
  4. Replacement oil filter
  5. Replacement oil based on recommended amount and type found in owner's manual
  6. Rag to help clean up

Got the right tools? Good let's move on to changing your own oil!

Do-It-Yourself Oil Change

  1. Jack your car up, if necessary, so that you have enough room to get under the car.
  2. Place cardboard or plywood protective layer on ground to protect from spills. Take your oil recycling container or oil catch and place it under the oil pan.
  3. Remove drain plug on oil pan and let all of the oil pour out into your oil catch. When all of the oil is out, replace the drain plug.
  4. Place oil catch underneath of old oil filter. Remove your old oil filter, but remember that there is probably oil in it, and that is why the oil catch is there.
  5. Grab your new oil filter and apply new oil to the outside of it on the rubber gasket at the end. Fill the new oil filter about 2/3 full of new oil. Screw the new oil filter in its correct place.
  6. Unscrew the oil cap and insert your funnel. Fill the oil to about 3/4 of the recommended amount. Next check the oil level with your dipstick. If it is at the correct amount then put the oil cap back on. If you need more, then add oil as necessary, and replace the oil cap.

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