With longer nights, less light, and dropping temperatures already here, it's easy to see that — contrary to what the calendar claims — winter is pretty much here. That means it's absolutely the right time to get your Ram pickup ready for the season or run the risk of breaking down or causing significant damage that's costly to repair. Here are our top tips for getting your truck ready for flying snow and bitter cold.

  1. Make sure your Ram has been serviced recently. Making sure you enter winter with an oil change and a checkup to ensure that all essential fluids are topped off. You'll also want to make sure that you're using the proper mixture of antifreeze and water in your radiator. Extremely cold temperatures can drastically affect the viscosity of these vital fluids, and the last thing you want is to have your engine fail because you're running on old, sludge-filled oil that should have been changed months before.
  2. Carefully examine your battery and all connections. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, are deadly for a battery that's already stressed. Attending to this now, along with tightening all cables and hoses, you're able to skip some routine maintenance steps when the wind's blowing.
  3. Check all vehicle lights. There's a lot less natural light during the winter months, and with snow added to the gloom, you want to make sure that your Ram is visible to all traffic around you — and that you can see the road conditions ahead and respond to any dangers. Tip: have a friend stand behind your truck as you check your brake lights.
  4. Consider switching to winter tires. By choosing tires designed for the weather, you're getting better traction in the worst conditions. You might want to go ahead and buy a set of inexpensive steel wheels on which to mount them; this makes it easier to change tires to suit the season, and you're not risking those sharp-looking rims your Ram currently sports.
  5. Load up with essential safety items. Stock your cab with a working flashlight, phone charger, tire pressure gauge, as well as an extra hat and a set of spare gloves. A blanket may also prove to be quite useful, as will a blanket, lighter, and spare candle, in case you get snowed in and have to sleep in your truck.

Of course, smart drivers from Detroit Lakes, Moorhead, Wahpeton, and West Fargo also know that they can bring their Ram truck to our Service Center here in Fargo and get the dependable, authoritative service they need. Our certified technicians will make sure your Ram is ready for the brutal conditions to come, using only authentic manufacturer parts to ensure proper fit and performance. Take advantage of our efficient, professional service and drive off with the confidence that comes from knowing you're good to go. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a time most convenient for you.

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